Electrical appliances will require an adapter that can change the shape of the plug prongs, as well as an electrical voltage converter that will allow a normal 110-volt Canadian appliance to take 220 Volt Chinese current. Most hotels have a hair-dryer in each room. Small adapters for international travel can be purchased at appliance or hardware stores in Canada.

For the international flight, adult and children traveling in economy class are entitled to 2 pieces of free checked baggage and 1 piece of free carry on. For the checked baggage, the maximum dimension of each piece should not exceed 158cm and the maximum dimension of two pieces should not exceed 273 cm. The weight allowance of each checked piece is 23kg. The free carry – on baggage of each passenger should be within 5kg. The length of free carry on baggage should be less than 55cm, the width should be less than 40cm, and the height should be less than 20cm. For the domestic flight within China, passengers holding adult-fare are entitled to a free checked baggage allowance of 20kg (44 lbs) for economy class. If the bags exceed the weight limit specified, an overweight fee of 1.5% of one-way non-stop economy class ticket will be charged for every kilogram overweight.

Clothing & Shoes
Pack lightly and bring casual clothes. Attire for dinner is also casual, but shorts or sandals are not considered appropriate. A sturdy, comfortable pair of walking shoes is a must. A business suit and tie for men and one or two dresses or pant suits for women will suffice for our educational exchange and forum. Bring a couple of shirts, sweaters, and a jacket that can be worn in layers to accommodate on the top of the Great Wall. All hotels offer reliable laundry and dry cleaning services.

The Canadian dollar can be exchanged for Chinese currency at airports or hotels (Currently about 7.2 Chinese yuan against 1 Canada dollar). ATM machine are available in China and major credit cards are accepted at many stores. You need Chinese currency for taxies, shopping at street vendors, and smaller shops.

Expert Tour Guides
Our Tianjiao tour guides are required to meet very strict professional requirements including language proficiency, knowledge of the history and culture in China, and congeniality toward our tour participants.

We customarily use Air China or China Eastern Airline for our international flights. We may also use Air Canada or other airlines for certain tours. Meals and full beverage are provided on board, and movies are also available. Add-on airfare from other cities to the gateway cities may be arranged at a nominal additional cost. Direct international flights from the west coast of Canada to Chain take about 12 hours.

The local handling travel agency requires exclusion in China of any person rendered unsuitable for long trips by health conditions such as mental illness, serious, chronic ailments, contagious disease, advanced pregnancy, senility or infirmity. Vaccinations are not required. Please check with your family doctor or travel clinic for current required or recommended inoculations. * Tourists are recommended to drink bottled water when they are traveling in China.

We offer the comfort to five-star, four-star or the best available hotel accommodations with full continental buff breakfast in each city. For our China price buster tours, superior first class hotels may be used in certain cities.

All Tianjiao’s programs have been created by China and Asia tour experts with many years of experience-not only designing the tour of these destination – but also living and working in that part of the world.

Local Contacts
We have set up an office in Beijing in order to better coordinate our tours and render immediate assistance – if needed – to our clients during their stay in China. We also provide names and telephone numbers of contacts in each city, along with a complete itinerary including hotel addresses and telephone numbers, to our passenger for every tour.

Please be aware that all Chinese hotels provide an in-room safe or locked security boxes at the front desk. Leave valuables at the hotel. If there is a problem, report it immediately to a security guard or the police.

Special Telephone Numbers:

110 – Police

119 – Fire

120 – Emergency

140 – Directory inquires and information

In addition to the breakfast buffet served at the hotel, most tours include lunch and dinner at select, on-site locations. Farewell dinner parties are arranged near the end of each tour, and most itineraries include special dinner, such as Beijing Roasted Duck dinner in Beijing, the lunch in local family and etc.

All passengers must have a passport which is valid for six months from the tour return date to Canada, and the passport must have at least two blank pages for a visa.

Time for shopping will be arranged during your tour at various sites for your convenience. Tianjiao International Education Group does not take any responsibility for any damages, payments, shipping or other problems of your purchased. It is each passenger’s responsibility to contact stores directly.

Gift Giving
During our trip, you will visit some local schools and families. We suggest you to bring some little gifts from Canada to give out to the people you meet there. Pins with Canadian flag, Key chains, little books about culture and education, Canadian flag or souvenirs from your school would make good gifts for them.

Tour Size
A group usually ranges from 30 to 50 people per bus. The minimum number of a group is of twenty people. Availability is limited, so book early as reservations are made on a first come, first served basis.

Travel Visa for China
Vancouver Consulate General of People’s Republic of China: 1338 West Broadway; Tel: (604) 734-0704; operates Hours: 9:00am -1:00pm from Monday to Friday. For a normal visa request you will need one recent passport-size photograph, valid passport and the completed visa application form. The fee for one entry travel visa costs $50. The visa is usually handed out 4 business days after the visa has been requested. There is also an express visa service, where you may obtain your visa the same day at a higher cost and all express requests must be done before 11:00 am. Please note that the Chinese Visa Section is very busy and there is a long wait if you decide to arrive late. There is an application form that must be completed beforehand. This application form can be downloaded from the website of Visa section of the Chinese consulate or you can ask us to send you one by fax. People from the east coast please contact Toronto Consulate General of China. Applications by mail are no longer accepted.

Visa Application Service
We can provide visa application service for people who are not able to show up by themselves. If you need visa application service, please send in your signed application form, your passport which is valid for at least 6 months after the departure date, one passport-size photo, and a cheque of payment by mail. The total cost is $120 including visa application fee, service fee, and express mail fee to send back your passport and visa. Please contact us for further details.

Everyday Chinese



Welcome Huan Ying

Hello, how do you do?
How are you?  

Ni Hao, Ni Hao Ma?

I am fine, thank you.

Wo Hen Hao, Xie Xie Ni  

What's your name?

Gui Xing ( jiao)?  

Good morning, Good Evening  

Zao Chen Hao, Wan Shang Hao  

Good Bye

Zai Jian  

Do you speak English?  

Ni Hui Jiang Ying Yu Ma  

I want to buy this  

Wo Yao Mai Zhe Ge  

How much is this all together?  

Yi Gong Duo Shao Qian  

I don¡¯t understand  

Wo Ting Bu Dong  

Here¡¯s to our friendship.
Bottoms up!  

Wei Wo Men De You Yi Gan Bei


Average Temperature (For reference only)






5° C-12° C

25° C-32° C

24° C-29° C


6° C-14° C

28° C-33° C

23° C-31° C


4° C-15° C

21° C-32° C

20° C-32° C


-4° C-11° C

11° C-23° C

11° C-21° C

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Tianjiao's Cultural Exchange trips are more than just a vacation. You meet real people and experience real life in China. You see what you always have dreamed of seeing and live a life never imagined. First class accommodation, the finest foods, and every detail looked after by professionals who know what you are looking for. Ideal for teachers, students and families, I would recommend Tianjiao as the only way to see China. Definitely more than just a vacation; it's the experience of a lifetime.
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