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2010 TIANJIAO Sino-Canada International Educational Exchange Forum Intinerary

Similar to the Spring-Break Program in March, all tours in this Summer Holiday Program are also tailored for North American educators and individuals to experience the Chinese culture and history, to explore the differences of the educational system and practices, to enjoy a wonderful and relaxing vacation in summer of 2010. If you want to explore a country from inside out, there are no other tours better than these trips in summer of 2010. From famous scenery to traditional night shows, from local family visit to traditional Tai-Chi lessons, each activity is blended with loads of cultural components. We encourage you to sign up early to guarantee your space.

In addition, for education professionals and individuals who are interested to participate in the forum event, Tianjiao International Education Group is pleased to introduce the following trips to you and your family. If you have any questions about the forum or the trip, please feel free to contact Bing or James for details.