internation education exchange forum

The main purpose of the forum is to facilitate the communication among Canadian educators, American Educators, and Chinese educators, and allow education professionals to contribute to the growing cooperation among the countries.

The forum can provide educators with an incredible opportunity from these countries to know each other’s education system, to learn each other’s teaching practices, and to give and receive valuable advice and suggestion in a relaxing and friendly atmosphere. In addition, it is also a valuable opportunity for everyone to meet, create new friendships, gain new knowledge, and discuss important issues related to education.

The first forum took place in Beijing in 2006. Tianjiao co-hosted this international forum together with Beijing Education Committee. The second forum was in 2007. Over 200 Canadian educators and school administrators representing over 60 schools and districts participated in this event. Because of these successful implementation and impact of the forum and numerous positive feedbacks from participants, Tianjiao International Education Group received an official greeting letter from Mr. Stephen Harper, the Prime Minister of Canada. The 2 nd Session of Tianjiao Sino-Canada Sino-Canada International Educational Exchange Forum became the biggest educational exchange between Canada and China in Canadian history. The 3 rd session of the forum took place in Nantong, Jiangsu Province in July, 2009. Coquitlam School District in British Columbia co-hosted with Tianjiao for this session. Educators and school administrators from Canada, US, and China communicated around three strands: School Administration, Music Teaching, and Language Teaching.

he 4 th Sino-Canada International Educational Exchange Forum will be held in Beijing, on July 18 and 19, 2010. The forum site will be at China Conservatory of Music. During the forum, educators and school representatives from across China will be invited to attend the forum. A celebration of cultures will be featured under the ‘Follow Dr. Norman Bethune to China’ heading in recognition of this great Canadian surgeon’s contribution to China. There are several itineraries for participants to choose ahead of time. For details, please click “Available Forum Itinerary” or contact Tianjiao Group.

There will be three strands:

There are no specific topics under these strands. Tianjiao International Education Group and Organizing Committee encourage participants to participate in these discussions and through these discussions to learn and communicate. We sincerely invite you to become the presenters representing yourselves, your schools, and even your school districts.

Coquitlam School District in British Columbia will co-host the 4 th session of the Forum again with Tianjiao Group. We hope more school districts can join us o participate or to sponsor this important initiative.