Festival Facilities
The Festival will be held at the China Conservatory of Music. This is the national Conservatory which focuses on traditional Chinese music education and research. The full time faculty of the Conservatory includes 75 professors, 11 fellow researchers and nearly 100 lecturers. There are currently 1, 675 full-time students enrolled.
Co-hosting the festival will be the Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing, which focuses on teaching the music of the Western countries. They presently have 82 professors, 91 associate professors and 1,897 students enrolled.

Festival Adjudication
Each participating group will have the opportunity to perform the music of the director’s choice in the concert hall of the China Conservatory. Groups will be allowed 30 minutes of on-stage performance time. Our esteemed panel of educators will adjudicate your performance using a detailed evaluation sheet, and will provide written and recorded critiques. Each group must submit three copies of the scores for each piece of music that they perform.

Festival Awards
Based on the performance level as perceived by the adjudication panel, each group will receive a Gold, Silver or Bronze award. There is no limit placed on the number of awards in any category. These awards will be stunning works of art that you will want to display prominently in your music room.

Full Ensemble Workshop
Immediately following their performance, each group will receive a 50 minute workshop from our adjudicators/educators using a private rehearsal format. This session will be given jointly by one adjudicator from North America and one from China. These experienced and insightful music professionals will work with your group to give positive and instructive feedback to help improve your group’s performance. Your group will receive comments that are honest and educational as well as constructive and supportive.

Presentation by the Conservatory
The music of China dates back to the dawn of their civilization with documents and artifacts providing evidence of a well developed musical culture as early as 1112 BC. After the festival, the faculty and students from the China Conservatory will give a brief history of Chinese music and philosophy. Then the three main families of traditional Chinese instruments will be demonstrated (silk, bamboo and percussion). This will be followed by a performance of the Conservatory Music Ensembles and then one of the top high school bands in Beijing. Beijing has 600 high schools serving the population of 15 million people.

Directors’ Orientation Meeting
On the night before the festival, Tianjiao will host an Orientation Meeting for the directors and one guest plus school administrators. This meeting allows the directors to meet the Festival staff, who will be distributing information to each group and answering any questions. James, the president, will provide many unique gifts for the directors and exceptional food and entertainment for all.

Large Equipment Provided
Our hosts in Beijing will be able to loan you the large instruments such as string bass, tuba, percussion and keyboards.

Combined Social Event
Included in the festival package is a celebration dinner for all participants to enjoy together. The award plaques will be presented at this dinner. Entertainment will be provided by China Conservatory of Music or a famous local high school.

Additional Performances
During your stay in Beijing, Tianjiao can arrange for your groups to perform on the Great Wall of China and/or do musical exchanges with a high school in Beijing. You can choose to exchange with schools that have a traditional Chinese instrument orchestra or a Western style Concert Band and Choir. Contact the staff at Tianjiao to see how this can be included in your tour package at no extra charge.

Director’s Packet
About 5 months before the event, Tianjiao will send you a Director’s packet. This will include all the forms that we have created to make your job of submitting the necessary information to us as simple as possible. We ask that these forms be returned to us about 3 months before the event.

Beijing hotels request that all youth groups have a minimum of one adult chaperone for every fifteen students. Chaperones must stay in the same hotel as the students, taking a participant package as part of the group arrangement. Please check your school’s chaperone requirements as well.

A Lasting Memory
Each participant will receive a DVD video of their entire trip. Tianjiao will provide your group with a memory card for your digital still camera (one for each bus). This card will be edited by you and presented to us before you leave Beijing. We will create a video of your entire tour and add the music from your festival performance. These DVD videos will arrive at your school within two weeks of your return. This DVD can be a great recruiting tool for your music program.

Festival Application Procedure
Please, send a completed application form (see below) and a recent CD, DVD, audio or video tape that is representative of your performance level and anticipated festival repertoire to: 260-11938 Bridgeport Road, Richmond BC, Canada V6X 1T2. An ensemble may be accepted to the Festival after the application deadline if space is available. Please call Tianjiao at 604-248-2222 or 1-866-882-4441.
The application deadline for the 2011 festival is June 01, 2010 however, early registration is encouraged. Each ensemble accepted for participation must submit a $500 non-refundable deposit in order to hold space in the festival. This deposit will be applied to the group’s final payment. 

Festival Fees
This Festival Package can be included in any of the itineraries from the Tianjiao Music Exchange Tour brochure for an extra fee of $50 per participant. With this option, the length of the selected tour will remain the same, but some of the activities listed in the tour brochure must be removed (at the Director’s discretion) to accommodate the Festival events.
Alternately, this Festival Package can be added to any of the itineraries from the Tianjiao tour brochure for and extra fee of $100 per participant. With this option, the selected tour will be extended by one day and all the activities listed in the tour brochure will remain included.

Festival Package Inclusions
All-inclusive for every member of your tour group
One free chaperone’s Festival package for every 15 paid participants
Coach transfers to all Festival activities
Festival performance with written and verbal critiques at the China Conservatory of Music
One 50 minute ensemble workshop with festival clinicians from North America and China
One Festival CD recording of your group’s performance for the director
Group Festival dinner
Official Festival souvenir program for every participant
Access to all Festival concerts and events
Award plaque and ceremony
Director’s orientation meeting with gifts, food and entertainment
One DVD slideshow of your trip for every participant