Tianjiao International Education Group is proud to present

The First Beijing International Music Festival
Hosted by the China Conservatory of Music and the
Tianjiao International Education Group
April 20, 2011

Dear Music Educator:

We invite you to consider Beijing for your performance tour in 2011. Tianjiao recognizes how important it is for young musicians to have the opportunity to perform and travel abroad. They need the chance to meet other students, experience different cultures, and broaden their horizons through the medium of music. We are proud to offer music directors a chance to demonstrate their group’s abilities as they perform in Beijing, the capital city of China. And, when you travel with Tianjiao, we promise you and your group 5-star luxury and attention to every detail. This could be an opportunity for your entire music department to travel together.

To enhance this experience, the performance venue for this festival is the prestigious concert hall of the China Conservatory of Music in Beijing. Admission into this festival is based on audition only and is limited to 5 adjudicated bands and 5 adjudicated choirs. In addition, there will be a showcase band and choir from the Beijing school district, plus the featured performing ensembles from the hosting music conservatories in Beijing. We encourage groups of varying abilities to apply, because music education through live performance is very beneficial to groups at various stages of development. Groups which do not feel ready for the international stage can elect to take part in all festival activities without the adjudicated performance.

Festival activities will include a non-competitive, adjudicated group performance. This will be followed by a 50 minute, full-ensemble workshop by our outstanding faculty of North American and Chinese professionals. In the evening the conservatory will give a presentation on the unique history of Chinese music, demonstrations of traditional Chinese instruments and vocal techniques, plus inspiring performances by the finest professional musicians and ensembles in China. Also included will be a directors’ orientation meeting (a time for Tianjiao to reward you for all your hard work) and a welcoming dinner for all participants. And for the biggest thrill, Tianjiao can arrange for your group to perform on the Great Wall of China. Please log on to www.canadatj.com for the complete Festival details.

We hope you will join us in Beijing in 2011 to expand your knowledge of the universal language of music while creating memories that will last a lifetime. Please do not hesitate to contact us if we can be of further assistance in making this journey a reality for your group (604-248-2222 or 1-866-882-4441).

James Zhan Bryan Knapp
President Chairman
Tian jiao International Education group Beijing International Music Festival