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All information is confidential.All applications are also available to DOWNLOAD. Please answer all questions and send it back to Tianjiao by fax to 604-435-8181 or by mail to Tianjiao International Education Group (Canada) Ltd. (Address: Suite 300-3665 Kingsway, Vancouver BC, V5R 5W2)


Personal Information
Last Name (shown on passport)
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Middle Name (shown on passport)
Sex Male Female
Date of Birth (mm-dd-yyyy)
Occupation & School's Name or Employer's Name
Passport Number & Expiry Date
Phone Number
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Email address
Cultural / Educational Program
Spring Break
Beijing (8-Day, Mar.6 – Mar.13 )

Beijing ~ Shanghai (9-Day,Mar.6 – Mar.14)

Beijimg (8-Day,Mar.27 – Apr.3)

Beijing ~ Shanghai (9-Day, Mar.27 – Apr.4)

Summer Holiday

Beijing (10-Day, July 15 – 24)

Bejing ~ Xi'an (13-Day, July 15 – 27 )

Beijing ~ Xi’an ~ Xining ~ Tibet ~ Shanghai (21-Day, July 15 – August 4)
Tibet ~ Shanghai (13-Day, July 25 – August 4)
Business Program
May 8 – 15, 2010 ( Beijing )
May 8 – 17, 2010 (Beijing- Shanghai )
May 13-25 (Shanghai - Xi’an - Sanya)
Nov 10 - 19, 2010 (Beijing-Shanghai )
Nov 10 - 17, 2010 ( Beijing )
Sports Exchange Program
Great Wall & the Bird’s Nest (Beijing 7Days)

Great Wall & Sea Tour (Beijing -Qinhuangdao - Tianjin 10 Days)

Great Wall & Oriental Pearl Tour (Beijing - Shanghai 10 Days)

Great Wall & Terra Cotta Warriors Tour (Beijing - Xi'an 10 Days)

Great Wall & Garden Cities Tour (Beijing-Shanghai-Hangzhou-Suzhou14Days)

Splendid China Tour (Beijing - Xi’an - Guilin - Shanghai 14 Days)

Ancient Capitals Tour (Beijing – Zhengzhou – Xi’an 14 Days)

Music Exchange Program

Great Wall & The Bird’s Nest 7 Days
Great Wall & Sea Tour 10 Days
Great Wall & Oriental Pearl Tour 10 Days
Great Wall & Terra Cotta Warriors Tour 10 Days
Ancient Capitals Tour 14 Days
Great Wall & Garden Cities Tour 14 Days
Splendid China Tour 10 Days
Family Information (Applicable only if you are a student and travel alone)
Father's Full Name
Phone Number
Residential Address
Mother's Full Name
Phone Number
Residential Address
Emergency Information
Contact Person's Full Name
Relationship to Participant
Phone Number
Residential Address
List All Family Members who will be traveling with you
Name Relationship
Name Relationship
Name Relationship

I certify that the information given is correct and that the applicant is physically, mentally and emotionally fit to join this cultural exchange program. I agree to Tianjiao’s company policy that in case of accident, sickness or undisclosed condition of myself or my child during the start, duration and end of the trip. Applicants or Parents, guardians are responsible for the expenses incurred. I give permission for photographs and my comments of the trip to be used in future company promotional material.

I give permission to the company directors, health workers, nurse, doctors or any other medical emergency health worker to take emergency measures deemed necessary to maintain my child’s health while in China. I recognize that there is some element of risk involved with traveling, sports or any sight seeing activity associated with the program here presented. Accidents can result of the nature of the activities outlined in the cultural exchange program and can occur with or without fault on either the part of the student, Tianjiao, or its employees or agents, or the facilities / transport vehicle where the activities are taking place. By allowing your son / daughter to participate in these activities / cultural exchange program, you are accepting the risk of an accident occurring, and agree that the activities, as described in the cultural exchange program itinerary, are suitable for your child. On behalf of myself and of my child, I release Tianjiao International and their respective officers. Employees, volunteers and agents for claims for injuries or property loss arising from my child’s attendance and participation in the activities of this cultural exchange program; and further I agree to indemnify the said board of management and hold them harmless from any such claim. I have read the “General Terms & Conditions” and “Details & Cost” of this trip and agreed with the policies listed.

2010 Summer Tianjiao Educational and Cultural Trip to China (NEW)
The 4th Session of Sino-Canada International Education Forum in 2010
2010 Tianjiao Business Leaders Trip to China
2010/2011Tianjiao Music Exchange Program
2010/2011Tianjiao Sports Exchange Program
2011 Beijing International Music Festival (NEW)
Music Tour Special– 7-day Student Musical Journey to China for only $1,799
2010 Tianjiao Summer Trip to Tibet by Train for only $2,899
2010 Tianjiao Summer Trip to China Information Session Registration
The 3rd session of Sino-Canada International Education Forum was successfully held in Nantong, Jiangsu Province, China (NEW)
Meeting with Former Minister of Education (NEW!)
Greeting Letter from the Premier
Greetings from the Prime Minister
The Successful Music Trip to China --Aragon High School

Donation to the Szechwan Province in Peking University Hall

Successful Music Trip - Enver Creek Secondary School
Tianjiao's Cultural Exchange trips are more than just a vacation. You meet real people and experience real life in China. You see what you always have dreamed of seeing and live a life never imagined. First class accommodation, the finest foods, and every detail looked after by professionals who know what you are looking for. Ideal for teachers, students and families, I would recommend Tianjiao as the only way to see China. Definitely more than just a vacation; it's the experience of a lifetime.
Stuart Mackinnon
Special Education Teacher
Killarney Secondary, Vancouver
1000 - 355 Burrard Street, Vancouver, BC Canada