2010/2011 Music Exchange Program To China


Great Wall & The Bird’s Nest 7 Days
$1799 (Low Season :Nov.1 – Mar 31)
$1899 (High Season: Apr.1 – Oct.31)
Great Wall & Sea Tour 10 Days
$2199 (Low Season :Nov.1 – Mar 31)
$2399 (High Season: Apr.1 – Oct.31)
Great Wall & Oriental Pearl Tour 10 Days
$2499 (Low Season :Nov.1 – Mar 31)
$2699 (High Season: Apr.1 – Oct.31)
Great Wall & Terra Cotta Warriors Tour 10 Days
$2499 (Low Season :Nov.1 – Mar 31)
$2699 (High Season: Apr.1 – Oct.31)
Ancient Capitals Tour 14 Days
$2699 (Low Season :Nov.1 – Mar 31)
$2899 (High Season: Apr.1 – Oct.31)
Great Wall & Garden Cities Tour 14 Days
$2699 (Low Season :Nov.1 – Mar 31)
$2899 (High Season: Apr.1 – Oct.31)
Splendid China Tour 10 Days
$2999 (Low Season :Nov.1 – Mar 31)
$3199 (High Season: Apr.1 – Oct.31)



Music is not only an expression of notes and melodies crafted together to make wondrous sounds. It is a conveyor of emotion, dreams, attitudes, beliefs and history. Every culture has some significant musical history and sounds that are identifiable. In the Chinese culture, music dates back to the dawn of civilization. In the context of musical history, China has one of the richest, most long standing relationships with music.These facts, you may already know. But what don’t you know? Why choose China? In recent years, China’s new open-door policy means there is a unique opportunity for North American and Chinese people to learn each other’s culture and to speak the international language of music. The Chinese culture is anxious to share their cultural and musical knowledge and learn new ones. It is without a doubt that cultural experiences enrich the lives of those that get a chance to participate in it. To also be able to share a common passion adds a dynamic that is inexplicable. To simply put it, music is getting to the heart of the culture. Tianjiao hosts the most exceptional and unique music exchange programs for schools between North America and China. Our programs provide a comprehensive cultural, historical and musical aspect of Chinese culture. Our aim is to showcase the phenomenal music and culture and let you experience the true beauty of China. Your students will have the opportunity to take in one of the world’s most fascinating nations. They will also have the ability to interact with Chinese students using music as a tool. In other words, they can speak the international language of music with those who share the same passion.  Many schools from Canada and the United States have taken part in this magical program such as Calgary Arts Academy in Canada and Aragon High School in the United States.  Also, Tianjiao has built great connections with top conservatories and local schools in China, including China Conservatory of Music and Beijing Bayi High School.

We are excited to share our programs with you and encourage you to view our newest promotional program— 7-Day Musical Journey to China for $1,799. We also encourage you to explore our website to see all of our programs. We’re positive this experience will benefit you and your students as musicians and cultural ambassadors. Please contact our Vancouver office for further queries.

2010 Summer Tianjiao Educational and Cultural Trip to China (NEW)
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2010/2011Tianjiao Music Exchange Program
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2011 Beijing International Music Festival (NEW)
Music Tour Special– 7-day Student Musical Journey to China for only $1,799
2010 Tianjiao Summer Trip to Tibet by Train for only $2,899
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The 3rd session of Sino-Canada International Education Forum was successfully held in Nantong, Jiangsu Province, China (NEW)
Meeting with Former Minister of Education (NEW!)
Greeting Letter from the Premier
Greetings from the Prime Minister
The Successful Music Trip to China --Aragon High School

Donation to the Szechwan Province in Peking University Hall

Successful Music Trip - Enver Creek Secondary School
Tianjiao's Cultural Exchange trips are more than just a vacation. You meet real people and experience real life in China. You see what you always have dreamed of seeing and live a life never imagined. First class accommodation, the finest foods, and every detail looked after by professionals who know what you are looking for. Ideal for teachers, students and families, I would recommend Tianjiao as the only way to see China. Definitely more than just a vacation; it's the experience of a lifetime.
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Special Education Teacher
Killarney Secondary, Vancouver
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